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This guide provides useful resources for a wide variety of math topics. It is targeted at students enrolled in a math course or any other Centennial course that requires math knowledge and skills.

Culinary Units of Measures


Culinary Measurement Abbreviations: 

Common Term Abbreviation
teaspoon t, tsp
tablespoon T, tbsp
cup C, c
pint pt
quart qt
gallon G, gal
fluid ounce fl oz
ounce oz
pound lb, #
each ea
bunch bu
to taste tt

Questions to think about:

  • Of the measurements above, which question is a measurement of volume and which is of weight?
  • What is the difference between volume and weight? Can you relate difference of volume and weight with items found in the kitchen?

US Volume Measurement Conversions

These conversions are often used when converting within US measurements

The following is a useful way to remember conversions of gallons, quarts, pints and cups.



Example 1

How many pints are equivalent to 192 teaspoons?


\[192\, tsps \times \frac{1\, tbsps}{3\, tsps} =64\,tbsps \]

\[64\, tbsps \times \frac{1\, cup}{16\, tbsps}=4\, cups\]

\[4\, cups \times \frac{1\, pint}{2\, cups}= 2\, pints\]

Therefore, there are 2 pints in 192 teaspoons.


Example 2

How many teaspoons are there in 3 cups?


\[3\, cups \times \frac{16\,tbsp}{1\,cup} = 48\,tbsp \]

\[48\,tbsp \times \frac{3\,tsp}{1\,tbsp} = 144\,tsp\]

Therefore, there are 144 teaspoons in 3 cups.

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