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MLA Style

Your guide to citations and works cited in MLA Style (8th ed.)

No Author

When no author is provided, use the title of the source in place of the author's name in the references list. Follow MLA rules for capitalization and formatting, depending on the type of source. List the entry alphabetically by the first word in the title:

Works Cited

"Childhood trauma." Trauma Survivors. 12 Dec. 2010.

In-text Citation

("Childhood trauma").

No Date

When publication date is not available, skip this element in the works cited entry. It is recommended that you include a date of access for the source in these cases.

Works Cited

Jones, Brian D., and Robin J. Smith. "Defining traumatic experience in childhood." Trauma Information. Accessed 15 Nov. 2016.

In-text Citation

(Jones and Smith).

No Page Numbers

If a source has no page numbers, omit page numbers in your in-text citations:


Create References with Missing Information

Placeholders for unknown information like n.d. (“no date”) are not used.

If information is missing from a source, they are simply omitted from the works cited entry.

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