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MLA Style

Your guide to citations and works cited in MLA Style, 9th Edition


Works Cited

"Description of what was generated by AI tool". ChatGPT, Version, Name of company that created AI tool, Date accessed, link to AI tool.

“Explain theory of mind” prompt. ChatGPT, 3 Aug. version, OpenAI, 31 Aug. 2023,


("Description of what was generated by AI tool").

("Explain theory of mind").


For your title, describe what was generated by the AI tool, in quotes.

Name the AI tool (for example, ChatGPT).

State the version of the tool you are using as specifically as possible.

Name the company that created the tool (with ChatGPT, it's OpenAI)

Provide the date the tool was accessed.

Provide the link to the tool.

For more information on citing ChatGPT in MLA style, please visit the MLA Style Center

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