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Now that's a Bibliography!


In a work such as this it is not uncommon to be presented in the latter pages with a long list of reference material the author employed to assist and inspire him in his endeavours.  And it only seems correct and fitting that these sources receive due credit.

But at the risk of appearing impudent I'll not present such a list for Winetasters Secrets.  This is not due to any lack of appreciation for those wine authors whose works I have read with respect and admiration, but because the list is so long.  At this point it would be almost impossible for me to determine which bit of information and data came from which source.

Perhaps it is sufficient for me to admit that little in this book is original.  It is founded on works, judgments, and opinions of innumerable winelovers, many who penned their experiences and thoughts long before I came to be.

What more can I say?


Now that you have read my favourite bibliography of all time, what more can I say?  If you find yourself, in the wee hours of the night, or the early morning, writing something like this, it's time to put the glass down, get some sleep, and come to your senses!

Would you believe it if I told you that this is a real bibliography, written by Andrew Sharp, a very accomplished wine taster?  Not surprisingly, in the world of college writing, we need to do things a little differently....

I hope the pages in this guide are proving useful.  Why not send me your thoughts about this guide?


Sharp, A. (2005). Winetasters secrets: A step-by-step guide to the joys of winetasting. Warwick Publishing.

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