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APA: mini-workshops, exercises, examples, and more!

In the Home Stretch!

1. It is no secret that in Canada there is an epic soft drink rivalry between the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo.

On a global scale, the Coca-Cola Company dominated the market share in 2014, carrying 48.6 percent of it, followed by PepsiCo with 20.5 percent of the share.

Which of these two sentences need a citation?

Or, do both sentences need a citation?


2. You are in the research phase for your Religious Studies essay, and you come across a very good lecture on the Internet.  On her webpage, the author has left the following note:  “For the dissemination of the Divine word, I offer all of my writings and lectures for the free and unencumbered use by all who find them helpful. You may even use all or part of my work for your own use. There is no need to acknowledge their source.”

Does this lecture need a citation?

Yes or No


3. If you find a useful paragraph on the Internet and rewrite it completely in your own words, does it still need a citation?

Yes or No


4. You are writing a psychology essay and you have three articles.  The assignment requires five articles, and it is due the next day.  To save time, you decide to use some of the quotes within the three sources you have, and cite them as coming from the articles where they were originally found.

In other words, Professor Jack Smith writes an essay in which he quotes from an essay written by Professor Mary Jane Bligh.  You decide to take Professor Bligh’s quote and reference it as coming from Professor Bligh’s article.

Given the tight time-constraints, is this ok to do?

Yes or No


5. Citations are used to give credit to an author.  If a webpage does not have an author, it is not possible to cite the page.

True or False


6. No Man’s Land is a stretch of contestatory and discursively productive ground that no man can venture into and remain a coherently ontological subject, where a thousand versions of himself, both like and unlike him, fight for the supposedly singularly “authentic” position on that field.

If a professor found this sentence in a student’s psychology paper, should he or she be surprised that it does not have a citation?

Yes or No


7. You are writing a report on the Kellogg Company and you decide to include basic information that is easily obtainable through a Google search.  The information you plan to use includes the company’s accounts payable, accounts receivable, current assets, current debt, and current liabilities, among other things.

Does this information need a citation?

Yes or No


8. If you are unsure if something should be cited, it is better to reference it anyway.

True or False


9. You want to begin your Popular Culture essay with a quote from a well-known comedy.   Since the show is on Netflix, everyone will know it instantly!  Does the quote still need a citation?

Yes or No


10. You are writing a company report, which includes standard information.  What information, if any, must be cited?

(There may be more than one correct answer.)

A.     CEO’s name

B.     number of employees

C.     company address

D.    basic financial data

E.     all of the above

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