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APA: mini-workshops, exercises, examples, and more!

You've Got This!

1.  An in-text citation is:

  1. a parking ticket
  2. a convenient way to document your work
  3. a medical procedure
  4. a sure way to impress your professor
  5. a legal term
  6. a note placed in an individual’s employment file


2. In APA, the most commonly used order for an in-text citation is as follows:

(there may be more than one answer)

  1. (Author’s Surname, Page Number(s), Year)
  2.  (Author’s Surname, Year, Page Number(s))
  3. (Blah, Blah, Blah)
  4. (Author’s Surname, Page Number(s))
  5. (Page Number(s))


3. To be precise, an APA in-text citation for a web page, where there are no numbered pages, should include the paragraph number, and the sentence number.

For example:

(Smith, 2018, para. 4, sent. 3)

True or False


4. In APA, in-text citations are:

  1. used only for direct quotations
  2. used to impress your professor and improve your grade
  3. used only for paraphrasing, since it is obvious when something is “quoted directly”
  4. none of the above


5. In APA, in-text citations are optional because all cited material must be included in the Reference list anyway.

True or False


6. According to APA, a student may choose to include the article title, author's surname, or the name of the journal, as part of the in-text citation.

True or False


7. In APA, it is only necessary to provide an in-text citation once, per page, for the same source.

True or False


8. You have five sources for your Political Science essay, and you have carefully and correctly added them to your Reference list.  Therefore, it is optional to include citations within the body of your essay.  This practice constitutes extra work, if you have the time, because all of your sources are already listed.

True or False

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