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APA: mini-workshops, exercises, examples, and more!

Easy Does It!

1. A good way to practice paraphrasing is to read the original text, set it aside, think about it, and write it in your own words.  Check back to the original text to ensure that you have kept the author’s meaning.

True or False


2. Original text written about the plagiarism of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:

“Some people responded with anger at King’s professors at Crozer Theological Seminary and Boston University, where his dissertation included significant verbatim copying from Paul Tillich and other prominent theologians and philosophers.  They claimed that the professors were racist for not having held a capable young black man to a higher standard.”

Is this paraphrase, with APA style, ok?

Supporters of King claimed that the professors were racist for not having held a capable young black man to a higher standard (Blum, 2009, p. 16).

Yes or No


3. Are there any problems with the following paraphrase?

Original Sentence:

Students do not consider their own original work as something worthwhile and worthy of being protected.


When it comes to their own research and writing, students do not believe they have produced something worthwhile and worthy of being protected (Wood, 2004, p. 238).

A.     No, the paraphrase is ok

B.     Yes, a portion of the paraphrase has been written word for word

C.     Yes, it does not accurately capture the author’s meaning


4. You find the perfect paragraph in an article that would go well in your own essay.  Unfortunately, it is much too long to add directly to your essay with quotations, and an in-text citation. However, you can write in your own words by rearranging some of the sentences in the paragraph.  Is this a good idea?

Yes or No


5. To avoid plagiarizing the structure of a sentence, it is a good practice to flip the sentence by moving the end to the beginning, and the beginning to the end.

True of False


6. Original text from “Inside My Heart” by Ron Geyshick:

“Drunks were living in the houses on either side of me, so I bolted my door with these knives that I jammed in sideways.”

Joseph Boyden’s words found in his short story, “Bearwalker”, with no reference or credit to the earlier story, and its author:

“Drunks would show up in the early hours and talk to one another outside his door.  Antoine bolted his door by jamming knives into the crack between the door and the frame.”

Is this ok to do?


7. Kesha was a perfectionist in her Executive Office Administration program.  She prided herself on accuracy and attention to detail.  With a healthy respect for statistics, facts, and getting it right, she poured her creative energy into repackaging the article’s graphs, charts and text into her own report with a style that really popped!  Aware of the pitfalls of copying and pasting, this labor of love was sure to grab the attention of her professor!

Is this ok to do?

Yes or No

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