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What is the Oculus (Meta) Quest 3?

The Oculus (Meta) Quest 3 is a virtual reality headset that offers a mixed reality experience. The headset is designed to provide a spectrum of immersive experiences, such as playing virtual games or engaging in fitness and entertainment activities.

Getting Started

  • Follow this instruction guide to set up the headset. [PLEASE NOTE: You need the Meta Quest mobile app to complete the initial setup for Oculus (Meta) Quest 2].
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though the Oculus (Meta) Quest 3 is designed for fun and education, it is important to adhere to the Health and Safety Guidelines AND reset the device after use to protect yourself and data. CLICK HERE TO RESET THE DEVICE
  • While apps are available through Oculus (Meta) Quest 3 for free, if you would like to purchase apps, it requires you to input credit card information. You will NOT be charged unless you purchase an app.
  • If you are new to Mixed Reality, why not explore the features and the experiences on the Oculus (Meta) Quest 3, which will help you get familiar with the device. Alternatively, you can explore these Meta Quest apps suggestions that have been grouped by School and category.
  • CAUTION: Please note that some users can experience a syndrome called virtual reality sickness. Symptoms include losing balance, feeling dizzy and nauseous, sweating, and looking pale. If virtual reality sickness sets in, stop using the device immediately. Take a break from the device, for one or two hours to enable the body to recover and re-adapt to the real world. Please consult Meta's Health and Safety Warnings before use.

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