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Emerging Technology


Welcome to the Emerging Technology Library Guide. Here you will find a variety of new and significant technologies that you can borrow and use on campus. Emerging technology comes in many forms: from the beginner microcontrollers, like LittleBits to the standalone Meta Quest virtual reality headsets. These technologies can be used to enhance skills such as innovative thinking, problem-solving and team building. Furthermore, for educators, they can also help to support Centennial's UDL Standard. You can use the technologies to provide learning content that students can interact with, and receive in multiple ways (e.g. video, podcast); and they also provide students with various ways to demonstrate what they know. 

Q. Which one of the following advantages of emerging technologies do you agree with most?
Technology helps increase engagement, vocabulary and team work.: 2 votes (40%)
It allows you to develop innovative, design thinking and problem-solving skills.: 2 votes (40%)
Technology allows you to learn and engage in more meaningful and impactful ways.: 1 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 5

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