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Emerging Technology

What is the PrintMaker?

The PrintMaker is a handheld color printer that allows you to create to customize craft projects. It prints on 50 different surfaces; even porous surfaces and the ink dries instantly! You can either create your own designs or download readymade designs from the PrintMaker App.

Book It!

Book the PrintMaker to use in the Makerspace for up to 2 hours per day. 


Booking Policy

PLEASE NOTE: By using thePrintMaker, the user is certifying that they are capable of using the device in a safe and proper manner. Makerspace staff can make available manuals or other instructional material; however, they are not experts on the use of the device. Users can only print from an Apple device (Ipad, Iphone) or an Android phone with Bluetooth connectivity. 

The Makerspace provides the ink cartridges, the alignment guide (6 inches) and free access to the PrintMaker App. 

Getting Started

  • Ensure your Apple device or Android phone have internet and Bluetooth connectivity, and both are turned on. 
  • Download the PrintMaker App from the App Store (Apple) or from the Play Store (Android)
  • Watch this short video on that provides an overview of the PrintMaker App.
  • To learn how to connect the PrintMaker to the App using Bluetooth and learn how to create your first print by watching this video.
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