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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file published online that can be downloaded to a computer or cell phone. Usually podcasts include multiple episodes which are made available automatically to subscribers. Through podcasting, anyone can be their own radio host and share their own audio content. 

Getting Started

Follow the instructions in our How-To Guide to set up your podcasting kit. 

Recording & Editing Software

In addition to the microphone & mixing board in the podcasting kit, you will need to download audio recording software to your computer. Try some of the recording software linked below. Some software is free, and other software requires payment. 

Preparing to Record

Before you start podcasting, consider the following:

  • What do I want to talk about? Most podcasts work best when there is a clear topic or theme connecting the episodes
  • What is the format of my podcast? How long will each episode be? Will there be regular segments?
  • What is your podcast's nameAn interesting name will help your podcast stand out from the pack
  • Who are the hosts? Will you host every episode? Podcasts often work well when there are co-hosts to discuss the topic together

Some podcasts are loosely structured and others are scripted and tightly edited. Regardless, before recording, it can be helpful to create a plan. What are the different topics you'll discuss in the episode? If you write a script, you may want to practice reading it before recording to ensure you sound natural and don't stumble over your words. 

Publish Your Podcast

Once you have produced several episodes of your podcast, you'll want to share them with the world!

  • If you're interested in sharing your podcast with a small community, like your classmates or colleagues, you can simply upload your audio file to a website or blog.
  • However, if you'd like to distribute your podcast to a wider audience, you will need to create an RSS feed for your podcast

Creating an RSS Feed

If you'd like to share your podcast through official podcast distributors such as iTunesSpotifyStitcher Google Play, you will need to create an RSS feed. To create an RSS feed, you will need to host your podcast using an online hosting platform. The platforms listed below are some of the most popular. All hosting sites require you to pay a monthly fee.

Spotify for Podcasters (formerly Anchor)

Spotify for Podcasters is another podcasting publishing service created by Spotify. The service is free and allows podcasters to record, edit & distribute their content through the app. While the platform is very easy to use, PLEASE NOTE in exchange for hosting your content on its site, it reserves the right to use & distribute your content as it wishes. If you would like to use Spotify for Podcasters, please be aware that you are licensing your content to the company to use for an indeterminate amount of time. 


Check out these resources to learn more about the podcasting world:

For Educators

Interested in using podcasting in your classroom, but not sure where to start? Contact your Librarian, Muyi Ogunleye ( for support and resources. 

Use podcasting in the classroom to

  • Share content in online environments
  • Share lectures with students in a flipped classroom
  • Provide alternative means of assessment

Students can:

  • Practice oral communication skills
  • Gain skills in storytelling and editing
  • Share their knowledge in alternative ways
  • Practice English-language communication

Learn More

Online Workshop

Want to learn more about Podcasting? Please visit our Events and Workshops webpage to access the online Podcasting workshop.

Centennial Podcasts

Faculty Dr. Hasan Mahbub & Jennifer Woodill create the first episode of their podcast, Podcasting Social Work using the library's podcasting kit. 

Listen to Episode 1: Reflective Practice in Teaching

Need inspiration? Check out these great podcasts

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