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Emerging Technology

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is an easy-to-use virtual reality viewer made primarily from cardboard. All you need is a cell phone and a Wifi connection to get started!


Borrow It!

Click on a piece of technology to see if it's available in the library and place a hold to reserve it. Watch this video to learn how to place a hold. If the item is available, you can also come to your campus library and ask for an item to borrow it. 

Getting Started

Open up your Google Cardboard and follow the steps on the inside flap to assemble it. 

To start using your Google Cardboard VR Viewer, download the Cardboard app on your cell phone from your phone's app store 

Follow the instructions in the app to connect your phone to the viewer. The app will ask you to scan the QR code on the side of your VR viewer. Once the code is scanned, place your phone into the front of the viewer. In the app, you can access:

  • Free Cardboard demos
  • YouTube's 360 video channel, and 
  • Google Street View in 360 degrees

Don't want to download the app?

Start using your Google Cardboard viewer without downloading the app by following these steps:

1. Open up your Google Cardboard and follow the steps on the inside flap to assemble it.
2. Open the YouTube app on your phone.
3. Search for "virtual reality channel" in the app to find 360 degree videos
4. Pick a video on the channel and start playback
5. Tap the bottom right-hand corner of the video to view the menu. You should see an icon that looks like your Cardboard viewer
6. Tap the Cardboard icon. Now your video should split into 2 screens.
7. Insert your phone into the back of Cardboard with your screen facing the viewer's lens
8. Watch your video! Turn your head around to explore the 360 visuals


Once you've explored the VR experiences in the Google Cardboard app, check out these other VR apps:

For Educators

Borrow it!
Virtual Reality Viewer Classroom Kit
*Available for educators only

  • The kit, which can only be borrowed by educators, includes 30 Google Cardboard headsets.
  • Complete our Makerspace Equipment Booking form to reserve the kit for a specific day
  • All students need is a cell phone and a Wifi connection to get started. 
  • Interested in using the Google Cardboard kit in your classroom, but not sure where to start? 
  • Contact your Librarian, Muyi Ogunleye ( for support and resources. 

Use Cardboard to embed in your classroom:

  • Virtual reality technology
  • Experiential learning
  • International perspectives

Students can:

  • Immerse themselves in complex concepts & processes
  • Visit places they may not otherwise be able to
  • Gain new perspectives on art and culture
  • Create their own Virtual Reality experiences

Learn More

Check out these sources to learn more about creating virtual reality content for Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality Viewers in Action

Students in the Emerging Tools and Technology class at the Story Arts Centre try out our kit of Virtual Reality Viewers

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