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Information about respecting Canadian copyright law in your work at Centennial.

Finding shareable resources

The resources on this page are some of the best ways to find shareable images for your class. 

  • Make sure to double-check usage permissions for a specific image before using any content for your intended purpose.
  • Always give credit when using images from the web, open resources or library licensed resources.


For examples of how to credit visit How to: Give Credit? 

Give Credit


Library Licensed Image Sources

Featured Resource Britannica Image Quest 

Open and Compliant Image Sources

The following feature open images and are listed in alphabetical order:


CC Search

Content licensed with a Creative Commons or CC 0 License.

Flickr: The Commons



"Beautifully diverse stock photos" licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0)


The Noun Project



Wikimedia Commons

Getty Image Embed

You can now embed Getty Image photos using an embed code when enabled!

Use the images on non-commercial sites through an embed code instead of copying. A credit will automatically appear on the image and viewers will be able to click on the image to link back to the original.

Get started searching for images to embed: Getty Image Embed.


Here is an example of an embedded image:

Embed from Getty Images


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