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eReserves Guide for Instructors


Watch: Instructor's Guide to eReserves

Step 1: Add eReserves to eCentennial

Before using eReserves you will need to add the eReserves module to each section of the course in eCentennial:
1. Add a new 
module in the eCentennial course section and title it "eReserves"
2. Choose "Add Existing Activities," then "External Learning Tools"
3. Choose "eReserves" from the list
4. Click the eReserves link, select the semester and click "Create Course"

Step 2: Request eReserve Items

Follow these step-by-step instructions to request items through eReserves:

Instructors can easily add the eReserves module into each course section in eCentennial under "Content."

eReserves Module in eCentennial

When you click through on the eReserves link within a course section you are directed to the eReserves course page for that course section. If you already have items listed you will see a list of items and the course details.


1. To request new items: Click "Item Tools" then "Add Reserve Item."



2. Select the type of item you are requesting from the icons. For example, the image below is for a physical reserve item or book:



3. You will be directed to a form to fill out citation information. Please fill out as accurately and completely as possible. Indicate how you would like the material supplied, or if you will supply the item.


If you indicate you will supply a book, for example, please bring the book to the respective circulation desk. 

If you indicate you will supply a link please enter the URL in the form. And for supplying a PDF, you will be prompted to upload the file and we will vet it before it becomes available.


4. On the main menu of eReserves you can see which courses have eReserve items, and which items are awaiting your supply, if any.

Awaiting Supply by Instructor


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