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Copyright for Students

Information for students at Centennial College about respecting copyright, library licenses, navigating eReserves and protecting their intellectual property.

eReserves for Students

eReserves for Students

What is eReserves?

eReserves is a list of course materials your instructor has requested for your specific course section. The eReserves module is embedded on every course home page on eCentennial. If your instructor is using eReserves, you will see items in the list for your course section.

You can view, download, sort, and favourite course materials from one list. The list may include: links to library resources like databases, articles, and eBooks, book chapters, web links and open educational resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

eReserves is specific to the user and the course, so you must sign in through eCentennial. If you save the page as a bookmark, or it’s been a while since you have authenticated, it will time out.

Simply navigate back to eCentennial, log in, and enter eReserves through the respective course shell.

If a timeout occurs, you will see this screen:

To avoid receiving further emails the student or instructor can unsubscribe by entering the particular eReserves list on the eCentennial course shell, and clicking “Please remove my subscription” at the top of the list.

The eReserves list will be available until the end of the exam period in a given semester, afterwards the items in the list will not be visible to students.

eReserves lists many types of materials and each should be considered before sharing further. PDF copies made under Fair Dealing or a transactional license should not be shared further. These materials are intended only for the students registered in the course, for that respective semester for educational purposes. Links to openly licensed and web resources may be shared with citation. Library licensed resources like links to streaming video, databases and articles will be available when an authorized user logs in with their Centennial credentials.

To the left of an item in the list, under View Item, choose "Show Details." You will see bibliographical information about the material. You can also export a citation from here if you use citation software such as Zotero. You can also learn about the item by viewing the webpage, article, video, or PDF itself. Remember that auto-generated citations should always be checked for accuracy.

Find eReserves

eReserves is embedded automatically on your eCentennial Course Home Page:

1. From your course homepage, locate the Course Resources widget on the right-side.

2. Click eReserves. The list for that course will open in a new tab.


Find eReserves in the Course Content:

In addition to the default location on the course home page, your instructor can also embed the eReserves module within the course content. 

1. From your course home page, navigate to the Content tab.

2. Click on the eReserves module. Your instructor may place this anywhere on the list, so be sure to scroll. 

3. Click "eReserves" to open your course materials list.


Viewing an Item

To View an Item:

1. Click the "eReserves" module under Content in the eCentennial course

2. Find the item you want to view and click "View Item" on the left-hand side.

  • PDF's will appear within the same window and web links will direct you to the listed web page. From this screen you can select favourites, search items, and sort by tags.


Report an eReserves Issue

Is there an issue with an item on eReserves? Fill out this form

Physical Reserves

Physical reserves are items that are available to loan from a campus library.

Instructors can list physical reserve items like books, CDs, DVDs and more on eReserves to let you know there are items available to loan at a campus library for your course.


Please note that during this time physical loans and physical reserves are not available.

To learn more about how the library is supporting you during COVID-19 read this news item:


Last Updated: June 2, 2020


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