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Information about respecting Canadian copyright law in your work at Centennial.


Coursepacks are print collections of copyright-protected content from multiple sources designed for specific classes. Coursepack materials are often copied under the educational fair dealing exemption, and their prices reflect only overhead costs—so your students save money.

The production of coursepacks is handled by the Centennial Bookstore, and copyright permissions are obtained by the printer. Please contact the Bookstore for further information about creating coursepacks for your students. No further copying of coursepacks is permitted.


You can also upload and list materials in an electronic course materials list with support from the library using eReserves. Please see the eReserves section for more details.

Check copyright permissions in CLEAR

CLEAR is a is a database of permitted uses for Centennial's subscription resources. Check CLEAR to find out whether you can post an item online, use it in class or add it to a course pack.

CLEAR is also available in Search the Library Collections.  For content from online journals and eBooks, click on "Permitted Uses" to see the copyright permissions.  

Tip:  Different databases have different permissions. For example, if you want to, “post a copy in eCentennial” but the permissions say “No” or “Ask”, you may want to check if that item is available in a different database and check its permissions, or ask the copyright team for assistance.



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