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Marketing Research Assignment Components

Who is that guy?

Not the porter found in Johnny Cash's song, Michael E. Porter was a Harvard Professor of Management, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as the son of a career army officer.  Strategic advisor to many U.S. and international companies, as well as major community organizations, Porter also worked in economic policy for different sectors of the U.S. federal government.  On the global stage, he co-founded the Centre for Middle East Competitive Strategy, among other things.  The CMECS is an organization uniting business and government leaders from Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine to champion the competitive potential of the Middle East. HIs five forces theory is laid out in his book, one of several books, Competitive strategy: techniques for analyzing industries and competitors.


The Book! +

If reading is not your thing...

Welcome to the abridged version!

The Forces!

Somewhat different than the Star Wars conception of force, Porter's Five Forces breaks it down into five independent powers operating to alter the competitive position of an entity, such as a company or a non-profit organization, for example.  He identifies the power of new entrants, substitutes, buyers, suppliers, and known competitors, as parts of his five forces model.  Returning briefly to the Star Wars model of force, one might identify Darth Vader as a known competitor, and Muchi, Jabba the Hutt's rancor, as a substitute!  You get the picture!

Unearthing the Force(s)

Within the library's collections, a five forces analysis can be found embedded in the close to 4,000 industry reports within the Business Source Complete database.  Beside a forces analysis, these industry reports delve into a conversation on market value, forecasting, segmentation, rivalry, distribution, along with an overview of the major players within the competitive landscape of the particular geography of a chosen industry.



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