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Academic Integrity for Students

Everything you need to know about academic integrity at Centennial College.

Video: Plagiarism and You

This video was created by Algonquin College. A video transcript is available.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism, as defined by Centennial College's Academic Honesty and Plagiarism policy, is "to present another person’s ideas, writing, artistic work, creations, etc. (including those generated by Artificial Intelligence or AI tools or websites) as one’s own. This includes the presentation of all or part of another person’s work as something one has written, paraphrasing another’s writing without proper acknowledgement, or representing another’s work or creation as one’s own. Any use of the work of others, whether published, unpublished or posted electronically
or on the web, attributed or anonymous, must include proper acknowledgement."

You can avoid plagiarism by:

  • understanding how to cite properly
  • know when to work alone on an assignment -- collaborating on a test, quiz or assignment could be considered plagiarism, or cheating, if you are supposed to be working alone (The Learning Portal)
  • start fresh with almost every assignment -- do not use work from another class on a new assignment, as this is considered plagiarism (The Learning Portal)

There are many citation styles available, and your instructor will usually indicate in your assignment what style they want you to use. At Centennial, the most-used citation styles are APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association) and Chicago.

Please see below for resources that can assist you properly cite your sources and avoid plagiarism!

Resources for Avoiding Plagiarism: Citation Help

Video: Turnitin Self-Check Dropbox

Test Your Knowledge of Plagiarism

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