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Academic Integrity for Students

Everything you need to know about academic integrity at Centennial College.

What are Cheating Behaviours?

Cheating, as defined by Centennial's Academic Honesty and Plagiarism policy, is: "the attempt to gain an improper advantage in academic endeavours". Below are some examples of cheating included in the policy:

Contract Cheating

Contract cheating is a “form of academic dishonesty where students get academic work completed on their behalf, which they then submit for academic credit [and/or advantage] as if they had created it themselves” (source:

Examples of contract cheating include:

  • purchasing an assignment from an online site
  • obtaining assistance from someone else that goes beyond mere editing to writing of the assignment or solving of the problem
  • participating in unauthorized discussion group or sharing answers to an assignment
  • posting or purchasing answers to an exam, assignment, problem or any other assessed work
  • paying someone to write a test or exam (Center for Academic Integrity, 2016)


Video: Contract Cheating

Test Your Knowledge on Cheating

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