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Library resources in Brightspace/D2L - Faculty Guide

This guide will explain how different library resources can be embedded, imported, or linked in Brightspace/D2L.


JoVE Science Education is a video library dedicated to teaching scientific fundamentals through video demonstrations. There are several ways to add videos to your course shell:

  • add videos as a permanent link using the same method as you would with an article, or
  • use the JoVE LTI in Brightspace to search for and add videos directly in the course
  • use one of the embed methods below
    • JoVE Faculty custom cartridge
    • Embed JoVE videos

Adding JoVE LTI

The advantage of using the JoVE LIT in D2L is that you can search for videos, add video content, and add quizzes all within your course shell environment.

Step 1. Open a content module within your course shell. Click on Add Existing Content and select JoVE LTI Tool.

screenshot of add existing activity in D2L


Step 2: Select Videos and either browse the videos by topic or use the search bar.

screenshot of search function


Step 3.  Select a video for you course by clicking on the + sign and then click Submit.

See the JoVE tutorial for more details.

Embedding JOVE videos

Embedding the video means that students can play the video within the course shell. To create the embed code faculty need to create a login account on JOVE using their Centennial email. The embed code created while faculty are logged in will work in eCentennial.

  1. Go to JOVE
  2. Log into your JOVE account.
  3. Navigate to the video that you want to add to your course and click on the "EMBED" button

embed button in JOVE


  1. Copy the embed code

Copy embed code iframe and button in JOVE

  1.  Log into D2L/Brightspace and navigate to your course shell
  2. Select (or create) a content module.
  3. Clcik on the blue "New" drop-down button and select "Video or Audio"

Add new video button in Brightspace

  1. Paste the embed code from your selected video in the window.
  2. Fill in a title for the content.  
  3. Security settings may block the video content. If so, click the "Allow" button to show the video. 
  4. Click "Save"
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