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Library resources in Brightspace/D2L - Faculty Guide

This guide will explain how different library resources can be embedded, imported, or linked in Brightspace/D2L.

Inserting a Permalink in a course shell video

Watch Inserting a Permalink in an e-Centennial Course on YouTube to find out the best way of inserting library links in your course shell.

Creating Library Database Permalinks

Watch Creating Library Database Permalinks on YouTube to find out how to create stable links to insert in your course shell.

Embedding library resources in your courses

Centennial Libraries has worked with IT to integrate library content inside your Brightspace courses. This allows us to have a presence in your course and offer subject-specific content to your students.

Most of our resources can be added to your course using a permanent link (also called a stable link). This means that students will be prompted to enter their user name/password before going directly to the article, ebook, or video. Other resources may be embedded or added as a Learning Tool.  Use the menu for step by step instructions on how to implement these resources for your class. 

What is currently available?

  • Films on Demand - this is a database of hundreds of videos. The videos can be embedded in your course using the description in the menu. You can also choose to add a permanent link to the video.
  • JOVE Education Videos - this database focuses on laboratory and field methods in science. Several methods exist for adding content to your course, including embedding or adding cartridges.
  • Library Guides - relevant library guides are automatically added to your course code. For example, an BI207 course will be directed to the Biotechnology guide with subject-specific resources for articles, books, journals, and media. No linking or selecting content is required by the instructor. The tool can be found in each course under Library Resources.
  • eReserves. - this is a tool to help instructors manage their, readings, articles, links, and videos and ensure copyright compliance.
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