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Library resources in Brightspace/D2L - Faculty Guide

This guide will explain how different library resources can be embedded, imported, or linked in Brightspace/D2L.

About Safetyhub

Over 120 workplace safety training videos are available through the Safetyhub database. The videos address key workplace safety training issues such as, fire awareness, first aid, hazardous substances, and operating a vehicle on the job.
Faculty can select training videos and make them available to students in a couple ways (instructions below):

  • add stable links to Safetyhub videos into eCentennial course shells OR (does not require a Safetyhub account)
  • enroll students in Safetyhub training through the database. Enrolling students in Safetyhub tracks participation and includes assessments (does require a Safetyhub account)

To obtain a Safetyhub account, please contact Jennifer Easter, Librarian:

Check out the Safetyhub database through the library website. 

Instructions on setting up courses in Safetyhub

Adding Safetyhub to your course shell

Creating a stable link to your course shell

Creating a stable link means that students will be prompted to log in to the library subscriptions before being redirected to the video. This will ensure prompt access.

1. Go to the video you want to add and click on  "More"  and then  </>Embed

2. Copy and paste the "Video URL"

3. Add the following prefix to the URL and test the link.

Example: A link to Work-Related Stress would look like this

4. Log into D2L/Brightspace and navigate to your course shell

5. Select (or create) a content module.

6. Click on the blue "New" drop-down button and select "Create a Link"

Screenshot of adding a link to D2L content module

7. Paste your constructed URL with prefix into the textbox.

8. Fill in a title for the content

9. Check "Open as external content." (This option forces the link to open in a new window and prevents the possibility of the D2L browser from interferring with the play of the video).

10. Click "Save"


Video: Safetyhub Webinar for Centennial Faculty

In the Safetyhub for Centennial faculty webinar below, we discuss:

-embedding Safetyhub videos in eCentennial  

-enrolling students in Safetyhub training 

-assigning training 

-accessing assessments and completion certificates for assigned training 

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