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Two-Spirit: Research & Curiosity

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In these pages we will explore dimensions of research process and curiosity using the idea of two-spirit as our point of study.


Reading current news sources, such as the one above, is an excellent way to spark curiosity about the wider world around us.  Whether you have a virtual or paper source in front of you, you will most likely come into contact with a story.  It is up to your curiosity to break it open, and explore.  While several news outlets carried this story, the one featured above appeared in the May 1st, 2017 edition of the Hamilton Spectator.

Kristy Kirkup's (Canadian Press) story was also picked up by CTV News.

Finding credible news sources through the Internet (Google) can sometimes be challenging.  One way around this problem is to look for stories with named authors, people who will let their name and reputation stand behind what they have written.

With a simple search, we can easily see if Ms. Kirkup is a qualified storyteller.  Within a couple of clicks, you will discover that she is a veteran political reporter.

How can this article shape our thinking?... See next page.


Kirkup, K. (2017, May 1). Discrimination against two-spirit indigenous people linked to suicide. Hamilton Spectator, A10, Retrieved from PressReader database.

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