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Two-Spirit: Research & Curiosity

The Inside Scoop


After establishing the reporting credentials of Kristy Kirkup, we need to delve into the story.  To discover the authentic voices of the story participants, it can be helpful to pull them out of the story by listing them.  Afterwards, you can enter their world view, on their own terms.

Ma-Nee Chacaby, Ojibwa-Cree elder from Thunder Bay

Carolyn Bennett, Indigenous Affairs Minister

Albert McLeod, Co-ordinator of Two-Spirited People of Manitoba***

Feathers of Hope

Senator Murray Sinclair

Brian Eyolfson, Human Rights Lawyer, and self-identifying as two-spirit

Perry Bellegarde, National Chief, Assembly of First Nations


***The Two-Spirited People of Manitoba organization is linked in the featured photo.

Forming a Point of Curiosity

A point of curiosity rises immediately from the article headline: Discrimination against two-spirit indigenous people linked to suicide

Re-formed into a research question: Why is two-spirit discrimination linked to indigenous suicide?

Besides reaching for the low-hanging fruit on the curiosity tree, investigating the participants in the story and reading sources in their entirety can offer up new research fodder. 

By listening to the indigenous voice, in this case a segment taken from the Two-Spirited People of Manitoba website, other fascinating ideas surface.



What makes the negative interference with a Two-Spirit person's life journey a social and cultural taboo worldwide?

This idea is also expressed in the Discrimination article directly.



What makes a two-spirit person sacred, as viewed by indigenous peoples? - Now we have the makings of another research question!

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