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Two-Spirit: Research & Curiosity

Curiosity Catchup

Making use of quality reference resources has given us a foundation to embark with vigor on our research project, and stoke the fire of our curiosity.

It is now possible to branch out on a quest to find the intersections of two-spirit and (shaman or healer).  We are also equipped with more tangible leads such as the Lakota winkte and the author Will Roscoe.

This page in the Two-Spirit guide features highlights from results drawn out of the library's mega search.

Will Roscoe


Boy-wives and female husbands: Studies in African homosexualities

pp. 92-93

two-spirit and shaman

Indigenous cultures and mental health counselling: Four directions for integration with counselling psychology

p. 129


Lakota winkte

Native Sexual Inequalities: American Indian cultural conservative homophobia and the problem of tradition



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