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Two-Spirit: Research & Curiosity


Digging In

Credo Reference is a collection of reference sources, compassing 3.5 million articles on 11,000 topics, in close to 1000 titles from over 100 publishers.  For our purposes, there are long-form articles on Native American Two Spirits, Sexuality: ancient North America, and Third Gender, emanating from the International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, within the Credo Reference resource.

Reading these long-form reference entries gives us a bird's eye view of the two-spirit.  Even from the Canadian Encyclopedia article, we can trace the development and meaning of two-spirit over time.  With a tree-top positioning, we can situate and add clarity to our chosen focus.  These long-form essays begin to open up on the supernatural nature of third gender, two-spirit people, from the traditional era, as this example (below) demonstrates.

Encyclopedia entries allow for the makings of a deeper conversation, often giving or alluding to the mention of real-life scenarios.  In this case, it may be useful to follow-up on the Lakota winkte and the We'Wha of the Zuni Nation. (As depicted in the photograph above) These long-form entries also typically provide references, and resources for further reading.  Anthropologist, Will Roscoe is a frequently mentioned name.


Heavy Lifting


If you are stoked about long-form encyclopedia entries, why stop at just one reference book? In addition to collections such as Credo Reference, which bring together several reference sources, the library collects individual titles in print and online.  The Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) History is discoverable via the library's catalogue.

Within this encyclopedia's pages are long-form entries for Two-Spirit, Third Genders, and Intersex Identities, among others.

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