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Assassination of Major General Qassim Soleimani: Research & Curiosity

What more can I say?

Friendship can form part of the core of trust, necessary to the curious life.  Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a few of them that arise to be good and thoughtful.  I went to school with Lee Ward, who is a professor of Political Science at Baylor University.

How can Dr. Ward help in the present context?  Recall one of the questions that arose from our initial curiosity about the assassination carried out by a democratic regime on a leading official in a theocracy, half-way around the world:is theocracy a legitimate grounding for the governance of human societies?

Dr. Ward writes at the intersection of politics and philosophy, and he has things to say about the virtue of theocracy and democracy.

Who knows, maybe our curiosity will take us to his thoughts on the matter?

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