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Assassination of Major General Qassim Soleimani: Research & Curiosity

Don't be Fooled by the Plain Cover

The Creamy Center

Expert Testimony

When the expertise of humans is not lending its knowledge through audio and visual channels, the expertise can be found in the pages of academic journals.  The thoughtful wisdom of humans who have dedicated their professional lives to distinct branches of knowledge can often be discovered in the black ink spattered on the white background of peer-reviewed journals.

Noted for their plain covers (although this is rapidly changing), academic journals serve as the landing strip where human experts distil the knowledge and contextualized ideas of hard-won endeavor. 

The creamy center perks the curiosity of like-minded scholars, students, and all of those who wish to know.

The academic journal phenomenon is an almost indispensable tool for serious research and the knowledge acquisition of individuals who are led by curiosity.

More than Meets the Eye

Do you remember Professor Saeid Golkar?

He is the author of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Irgc), the entry in the Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World we saw near the beginning of our journey.  When they are not giving witness on audio and visual channels, writing for encyclopedias and journals, the world's human experts may be found teaching, and writing books.  

Besides the classic article, richly jeweled with citations, journals serve as beacons of big picture thinking, taking the care to review whole books, the true delight of the curious.

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