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Assassination of Major General Qassim Soleimani: Research & Curiosity

Selecting the Calm Before the Storm


Evaluating Headlines!

In any breaking stories, or events that are charged with spiritedness and felt emotion it is helpful to begin by reading moderate news sources.  This is especially true if you are near the starting point of educating yourself about an idea or event.  While some ideas, issues and events rightly spark our sense of injustice or compel us to take action, it is imperative that we read our way to a measure of knowledge.

Comparing and evaluating news headlines will help guide our way to balanced perspectives.  The two headlines above serves to illustrate this practice.  These are two front page headliners taken from the Toronto Sun (left) and the Toronto Star (right) on the same day. (Sunday January 5th)  The Toronto Star headline appeals to the innate human curiosity that wants to learn more and educate itself.  On the other hand, the Toronto Sun headline appeals to a stripped-away spirited and ungoverned emotion.  The headline may even tap into an unconscious prejudice.  Therefore it should not be read at this time.



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