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OER: Open Educational Resources

Get involved in the Centennial OER community!

There are many ways to learn more about OERs or connect with folks who are involved in, creating, and advocating for OERs.

Community of Practice

Centennial has a new OER Community of Practice for folks who are involved or interested in OERs. The CoP meets every couple of months to discuss relevant topics and share knowledge. You can also participate through the CoP website.

OER Lab (reopening Winter 2023)

The OER Lab is a student-run, staff-managed service, providing support in OER development and adaptation to the Centennial College community.  Are you thinking of developing, adapting or remixing an OER? - help is available.

TLHE-719 Open Educational Resources (OERs) 

CFDTI offers a 7-week course will introduce you to open educational resource. The course is offered asynchronously and focuses on the use of OER and open pedagogy in the classroom. Sign up for the course through the course calendar.

OER Collection

Centennial Libraries maintains a collection of OERs authored by the Centennial Community. The collection is available in CORe, Centennial's Institutional Repository.

OER Team


Contact the team members below if you have questions about getting started, licensing, or a workshop for your department.



Michelle Johnson, Librarian

  • recommend OER repositories

  • resources for evaluation

  • instruction on finding OER

  • licensing 

  • copyright questions

  • attribution instruction

Paula Demacio, Professor of Teaching & Learning

  • adapting or creating OERs

  • instructional design

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