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OER: Open Educational Resources

How can the Library Support OERs?

Centennial Libraries can help you adopt, adapt, create an OER in the following ways:

1.    Help you identify repositories to search for OER resources.
2.    Suggest resources to find open content (e.g. images) that you can add to your OER.
3.    Advise on Creative Commons licenses and copyright compliance.
4.    Instruct on appropriate attribution style.
5.    Preserve your finished material in the Institutional Repository (CORe).

Contact your liaison librarian for more information.


Copyright compliance is the author's responsibility. Best practices are to keep track and credit your sources as you write and use openly licensed material when incorporating multi-media. For questions about copyright contact

Try searching the repositories listed on our Finding OERs tab. Contact your liaison librarian if you have questions about the best repositories for your subject area.

Try searching the library resources for appropriate readings, articles and videos that you can add to your course at no cost to your students. The library resources can be added to eReserves . Contact your liaison librarian about the best repositories for the material you need.

Consult Creative Commons documentation to learn more about the different types of licenses. You can also try to use the Creative Commons  choose tool. Centennial’s copyright librarian will be able to advise further.

LinkedIn Learning has thousands of tutorials to help with all kinds of software issues. Contact CFDTI at to inquire about meeting with an eLearning specialist.

eCampus Ontario offers Pressbook accounts for free to educators at member institutions. Fill out the request form for an account.;


Best practice is to check with your Chair about making your course materials open. Centennial’s IP Policy can provide further guidance. Keep in mind that you are responsible for making sure that your material includes content (e.g. images) with appropriate attributions and that you can release with an open license. See the Creative Commons tips on remixing. 

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