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OER: Open Educational Resources

Create with Pressbooks

Pressbooks, is an open book creation platform, that is now available to Centennial faculty and students for free with Single Sing On.

Step 1: Go to eCampus Ontario Pressbooks sign up 
Select: Centennial College
Click: Get Pressbooks access

Step 2: 
Click: Institutional Login (do not put in your email on this screen)
Search for: Centennial College
Click: Centennial College
This will take you to myCentennial SSO.

Step 3: Login using your Centennial Login/Password

Step 4:
 "Admin" or "My Books" in the top right corner (this part is the key to actually getting to the publishing area)

Video walk-through of that process:

Creating OERs video

Getting started

According to The OER Handbook there are eight steps to teaching with OERs.

  1. Assess the validity and reliability of the OER.
  2. Determine placement within the curriculum, if not already done. Note that some OER integration may be abandoned at this point if the OER relates poorly to the rest of the curriculum.
  3. Check for license compatibility. (See License Incompatibility in Licensing for more details).
  4. Eliminate extraneous content within the OER (assuming the license permits derivatives).
  5. Identify areas of localization (see Adapt OER).
  6. Remix with other educational materials, if applicable (see Adapt OER).
  7. Determine the logistics of using the OER within the lesson. For example, you may need to print handouts for learners. In other cases special software may be needed.
  8. Devise a method of evaluation or whether the currently planned evaluation needs adjustment (see Evaluation for more details).


Reprinted from The OER Handbook by Open Education Resource Foundation and licensed under CC-BY-SA


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