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Grab and Go!

Obstructive Marketing: Restricting Distribution of Products and Services in the Age of Asymmetric Warfare

By Maitland Hyslop

"Obstructive marketing is now seen as the business equivalent of asymmetric warfare, which is increasingly understood because the rise of the South and East at the expense of the North and West has brought some obstructive marketing stratagems into sharp focus. Using the author's own research, this book explains what obstructive marketing is and why it is not called anti-marketing. The author explains who practices obstructive marketing where, when and how; and why businesses are particularly vulnerable when entering new markets and engaging in change and innovation. Intriguing concepts such as cultural risk are illuminated along with formal links between obstructive marketing, asymmetric warfare and terrorism. This all leads to identification of the need for a strong Government/Business partnership to counter the effects of this darkest kind of marketing."


Sales Management: A Primer for Frontier Markets

By Robert Hinson, Ogechi Adeola, and Abednego Feehi Okoe Amartey

"To understand what it means to sell successfully, sales representatives must develop a solid foundation in selling skills and an understanding of the critical elements needed to achieve sales goals. By delving into the foundational concepts related to leveraging sales as a tool for organizational profit, the authors give readers important insights into the critical elements of the sales process, including consultative selling, sales force management, qualities of effective leadership in sales, and the use of technological tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems. This book includes insightful contributions from leading sales and marketing practitioners across the continent of Africa on characteristics of successful salespeople and how to recruit them, the crucial role of sales leadership, sales team training methods and strategies for developing customer relationship management programs. Case studies tie theory to practice and short quizzes help readers test their understanding of the material. Written in an accessible and reader-friendly format, this book is primarily aimed at undergraduate students with a secondary audience comprised of postgraduate students and business practitioners."

Stepping in to the library's collections

If you somehow missed the MEGA search box (Search the Library Collections), don't worry.

ProTip: Everything begins here:


It's time to activate Plan B, and open up the E-Resources tab.

If you think of the Internet as a pile, the library, on the other hand, is a collection.  We specialize in collecting quality resources for student success.  The E-Resources tab is your gateway to selecting and entering the name of the resource(s) you need. 

There are several points of entry into the collections: Search Keywords box, A-Z list, Media Type filter, and the School List filter.

ProTip: The Search Keywords box allows you to search for a collection, a resource.  It is not designed to search within the collection.


Once you select a collection (Business Source Complete, for example) you are almost ready to work!

Not sure what's inside a collection (database)?  Before opening the database, each collection comes with a short description of what you can expect to find. For example:

Business Source Complete

Full text business scholarly journals, magazines, country economic data, company profiles, industry information and market research.  Includes full text of the Harvard Business Review, and Datamonitor country, company, and industry reports.


Working off-campus, you may be asked to login.  Simple: just use your myCentennial login credentials.

Next box...

Short Cut to Company/Industry/MarketArea/Demographics Info

If you are looking for information sources describing company data, industry information, and market area facts, there is a guide just for you!

Business Analysis: information sources

Need a great article? Pick one and go!

Because many of our journals and magazines are collected together in aggregated databases, adding and mixing several titles and publishers, searching is usually a matter of entering words and phrases that describe your topic, at least in the beginning.

(Begin here, just to get the hang of it!)


You can explore the magic of these selected collections:

Business Source Complete

ABI/INFORM Collection

CBCA Complete

Sage Premier

Business Insights Global

Euromonitor Passport

LexisNexis Academic


Academic Search Premier

Research Library

Title Searching, just for you!

From time to time, a professor, here and there, may recommend a favorite journal or magazine, suggesting a title that is perfect for your research report!  With over 150 discrete collections within our online library, how will you ever find it?

The short answer is to summon the magazine/journal searching tool, with the obvious name: Full Text Journals.  This tool, located on the library's homepage, below the Library Guides link, directly links to individual magazines/journals within our collection, no matter which database(s) it resides in.

Try it, and see for yourself.

Example: MIT Sloan Management Review... shows up in few places, including here!


You may want to practice with a few of these titles!


International Journal of Research in Marketing

Journal of Consumer Research

Journal of Marketing

Journal of Marketing Research

Marketing Theory

Psychology & Marketing

Get Even Smarter about Research!

The purpose of this guide is to provide a "toe-dip" into the library's collections as they pertain to International Business students.  If you want to drop deeper into the bottomless pit of research, check out these other two guides:

Fundamentals of Business & Business 119

Business 733/333

While these guides are "for" these courses, their real purpose is to open up the library to students in new ways, covering journal and magazine discovery and evaluation, search strategies, along with navigating the streamed audio-visual experiences, and giving a little head-space to APA.

Lead the marketing pack!

Be part of the fun!

After Graduation

Career Info

Looking for:

►career exploration resources

►resume and cover letter advice

►interviewing tips

►career search guidance...

Check out my Career Info for Students: keeping ahead of the competition! (guide)

And don't forget: Careers for New Canadians: get in the game!

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