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Create Stable Links to Library Resources

How to create permalinks to the Library's resources.

CSA OnDemand

  1. Find the item and click on the entry.
  2. Navigate to the desired PDF.  Copy the URL in the broswer bar.
  3. Delete the section or from the middle of the link, if present.
  4. Replace the hypens/dashes in the domain name with periods/dots, e.g. view-csagroup-org becomes
  5. If your students will be accessing the item from off-campus, add this prefix to your URL:

For the item, "CSA N290.20:21 (Aging management requirements for nuclear power plants)",
the stable URL is:
the link on your web page for on- and off-campus access is:

Westlaw Carswell

  1.  Proxy prefix via SSO:

  2. Find the resource and click “Copy link", e.g. this is the copied link from the LawSource page:


  3. Delete everything at the end of the copied link, starting with and including the “?” 


  4. Modify the copied link with these character replacements

    : = %253A

    / = %252F

    New edited link:

  5. Join the proxy prefix and new edited link


  6. Place the link on a web page.  You cannot access the resource directly with the link alone because the system is expecting a referring page.

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