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Create Stable Links to Library Resources

How to create permalinks to the Library's resources.


You may want to add links to articles, books, videos, and other Library content to a web page or your course pages.  

There are two ways to create permalinks:

  • the easy way (physical & digital items) - creating links is effortless, but the resulting link requires the user to click up to 3 times in order to see the resource,  This method has been temporarily removed and will be restored once the new library system goes live in September 2022.
  • the slightly more difficult way (digital items only) - more time-consuming, but will result in a link that is direct and requires only 1 click to see the resource.


Instructions for the easy method are below.  For the second method, please choose a resource (eJournals & eBooks or eVideos or Other Resources), and then find the database/platform that includes your resource.

Resources Not Indexed in "Search The Library Collections"

There are a number of specialty databases that are not indexed in Search The Library Collections.  These databases generally do not contain ejournals or ebooks, but instead, are directories, data sets, interactive software, etc.  For these resources, it is best to link directly to the full database.

Find the database on this page and right-click to copy the link.

For the database, Quicklaw
the link on your web page for on- and off-campus access is:

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