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Cannabis and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Catching a Wave! into Market Share Info!


And now, here's how to get to this information piece!  The Market Share Reporter, identified as the information source for this chart, is an annual compilation of market share charts covering every imaginable industry.  The Reporter is embedded in the library's Business Insights: Global e-product.

Within this e-product (access gained after entering your myCentennial login credentials, explained in the next box) select the Industries tab, followed by Market Share Reports.  In the search box, enter the word cannabis.  This chart appears alongside other related charts.

Getting Really In!

The library offers access to current business information covering industry info, company data, market area factlets, along with consumer profiling, among other informative highlights.  The following guide covers the "big picture" of e-product business collection access.

Business Analysis: information sources


And check out these audio-visual resources!

Market Area Facts... at the tips of your fingers

Gather political, economic, social, environmental data and intelligence on the world's market stages using the online library collections.

Company Information Sources

Take a virtual tour of the library's company information sources.

Industry Information Sources

You guessed it!  A title that needs no introduction... 

In the meanwhile... inhaling the company skinny!


Getting here could not be easier!  Once inside Business Insights: Global, enter the name of the company: Aurora Cannabis.  Access Market Share Reports, along with articles detailing the company's financial picture, legal issues, sales & marketing as well as strategy & planning developments.

Company history information is provided by an entry in the reference book, International Directory of Company Histories.  Simply select the Company Histories link.

Switching it up... e-collections, that is!

This graph and analysis issues from the library's subscription to Euromonitor's Passport collection.  Enter the database using your myCentennial login credentials and type cannabis in the central search box.  Select the Analysis tab for access to several current and dynamic reports including, World Market for Cannabis, Cannabis in Confectionary: Craving Disruption?, Cannabis in Beauty and Personal Care: Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges, Alcoholic Drinks and Cannabis: One More Headache or a Hangover Remedy?, among others.

After opening the first report, World Market for Cannabis, it is possible to view it as a pdf.  Using the CRTL F combination search for instances of Canada within the document to arrive at the graph and analysis featured above.

Turn on that company info tap

In many cases, robust financial data is readily available within the library's e-collections.  Getting to this screen, displaying quarterly earnings for Aurora Cannabis, is only a snap of the fingers away.  Once inside the database, search for Aurora Cannabis via the Historical Reports link.  The financial data displayed above appears at the end of the report.

Edible Cake Topper!


Not to be left behind, the Statista database has a wealth of business information, circling around the recreational and medical marijuana market among many other markets.  This market share graph is embedded in the 68 page Recreational cannabis market in Canada report.  This report, and other related current information, is accessible with the following search: cannabis and Canada, inside the Statista e-product.

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