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Food Theory HOSP105 & Theory of Food COOK105

A Picture is Worth...

The library's collections showcase audio-visual experiences such as the one featured below.

Bahia: the Soul of Brazil

Savoring the World Series, Episode 10

"The Bahia is a region known as the soul of its country. African, Portuguese and indigenous roots have fostered a durable people with unique religious and social habits. Legends, music and a hearty cuisine have taken root in the soil of this vast area. Bahia lies in the northeast of Brazil, blessed with a 540 mile Atlantic coast and a typography composed of rain forests, mountains, massive dry plateaus and huge rivers."

This cuisine odyssey may be found through the MEGA search box on the library's homepage, using the Resource Type filter with the label, Streaming Video.  As I mentioned in earlier, the MEGA box is not able to search all of our collections in a single thread.  Therefore, you will be able to open other collections, individually from the E-Resources tab, using the Video filter under the Media Types heading.


Here are some potential collections of interest:

Academic Video Online


CBC Curio

Criterion On Demand

Films On Demand

Kanopy Videos

McNabb Connolly



Featured in CBC - Curio

We are the Best

We are the Best is a collection of 52 short video documentaries that celebrates and explores the extraordinary richness of Canada’s culinary heritage. In a wide-spanning overview of Canadian food producers from coast to coast to coast, famed chef Ricardo Larrivée introduces us to the best products our country has to offer. He pays homage to young entrepreneurs, creators and influencers — whether they are farmers, vintners, artisans, chefs or environmentalists — who are shaping today’s and tomorrow’s food heritage.


Happy Wandering!

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