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Food Theory HOSP105 & Theory of Food COOK105

Opening the e-text

Our online library picks up on the business of food and theory rather nicely. Get connected to the best culinary and hospitality information sources today!

(In this section, the online library begins with Ebsco's Academic Ebooks)


Imagining Sustainable Food Systems: Theory and Practice

By Alison, Blay-Palmer

"What defines a sustainable food system? How can it be more inclusive? How do local and global scales interact and how does power flow within food systems? How to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to realizing sustainable food systems? And how to activate change? Using a wide range of case studies, the authors in these pages begin to think critically about these questions."


Future of Post-human Culinary Art: Towards a New Theory of Ingredients and Techniques

By Peter Baofu

"This book offers the inquisitive theory of culinary art, set to go beyond the existing approaches in a novel way. If successful, this seminal project will fundamentally change the way that we think about culinary art in relation to ingredients and techniques from the combined perspectives of the mind, nature, society, and culture, with enormous implications for the human future and what the author originally called its “post-human” fate."


Theory of Hospitality & Catering

By David Foskett, Patricia Paskins, Andrew Pennington and Neil Rippington

"The Theory of Hospitality & Catering is an essential text for anyone training to work in the hospitality industry. It discusses all of the current issues affecting the industry, including environmental concerns such as traceability, seasonality and sustainability; as well as important financial considerations such as how to maximize profit and reduce food waste, the book continues to emphasize the latest trends and developments, including the use and impact of social media, all the while making the vital leap from theory to practice."

Stepping into the library collections

If you somehow missed the MEGA search box (Search the Library Collections), don't worry.

ProTipEverything begins here:

It's time to activate Plan B, and open up the E-Resources tab.

If you think of the Internet as a pile, the library, on the other hand, is a collection.  We specialize in collecting quality resources for student success.  The E-Resources tab is your gateway to selecting and entering the resource(s) you need. 

There are several points of entry into the collections: Search Keywords box, A-Z list, Media Type filter, and the School List filter.

ProTip: The Search Keywords box allows you to search for a collection, a resource.  It is not designed to search within the collection.

Once you select a collection (Business Source Complete, for example) you are almost ready to work!

Not sure what's inside a collection (database)?  Before opening the database, each collection comes with a short description of what you can expect to find. For example:

Business Source Complete

Full text business scholarly journals, magazines, country economic data, company profiles, industry information and market research.  Includes full text of the Harvard Business Review, and Datamonitor country, company, and industry reports.

Working off-campus, you may be asked to login.  Simple: just use your myCentennial login credentials.


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