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Food Theory HOSP105 & Theory of Food COOK105

Data-mining the Reference List

Keeping in mind that the authors of articles published in journals draw upon the ideas of many others, writing in the spirit of building upon existing knowledge, you can make use of the built knowledge base by prying open the reference list, and using it to your benefit.  After finding and reading an article of interest to you, it is likely that the author(s) have also read other good material in the same field of study.  By scanning the list of references you may pick up on a few sources to follow-up on. Use the "Big" search box to enter title/author information to find these articles.

Scholarly article reference lists can be extensive.  Here are two entries from the following article.

Title: Let's See What They Have...: What Consumers Look For in a Restaurant Wine List


Barber, N., B. A. Almanza, and J. R. Donovan. 2006. Motivational factors of gender, income and age on selecting a bottle of wine. International Journal of Wine Marketing 18 (3): 218-32.

Bruwer, J., and T. Johnson. 2005. The drivers of on-premises beverage selection in Australia. winefacts


Adding the article title (Motivational factors of gender, income and age on selecting...) to the Search the Library Collections box opens the full article in the database ProQuest Central.


Sometimes articles are linked from the reference list to the full-text within the same database.  In addition, web sources, such as the second one in the list above, includes the web address.  Unfortunately, this page is inaccessible because it has been renamed.  Tracking web sources may require some exploratory work.

In the "drivers of on-premises beverage selection" example, became

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