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GNED 219 Canadian Workplace Experience

Find library resources & research to support your Provincial Resources assignment and your final research assignment

Find reports using Google

  1. Head to Google
  2. Type search words related to your issue (e.g. canada workplace multiculturalism)
  3. Add: filetype:pdf to the search box -- this will allow you to search only for PDF documents (e.g. canada workplace multiculturalism filetype:pdf)

Tips for Evaluating Websites

Use the resources from the Learning Portal to evaluate the information you find online

Find statistics & government information

Searching Google for Reports & Government Information

Use Google Advanced search to help you find information on your topic more easily. 

Site or Domain

Use the site or domain option to find government information. In this field, type:

  • to find Canadian government information
  • to find Ontario government information
  • .gov to find American government information


Use the file type option to help you find reports more easily. Many reports are published online as PDFs. To find PDF reports, choose Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) from this dropdown menu. 

Find statistics & government information

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