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GNED 219 Canadian Workplace Experience

Find library resources & research to support your Provincial Resources assignment and your final research assignment

Search Strategy

Step1: Find out more about this topic

• Canadian Points of View Reference Centre, Wikipedia, Google

• Encyclopedias/Dictionary 

• Course material (GNED 500 global citizenship: from social analysis to social action)


Step 2: Start Defining the Research Topic/Question

• Ask: What about Terrorism and Canada do I want to investigate?

• Ask: Who, What, Where, When, Why

• Look at the assignment handout and course textbook to assist

Step 3: Identify Key Concepts/Keywords

• Canada

• surveillance
• public safety
• terrorism                          
• Bill C-51                       
• privacy                             
• civil liberties         
• Canadian Charter of Human Rights

Step 4: Find Articles

• Select a database appropriate 

• Refine results by year of publication, controlled vocabulary

Step 5: Find a newspaper article

 • Refine results

Surveillance in Canada

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Encompassing inquiry, discovery, and flexibility, searching identifies both possible relevant sources and how to access those sources. Searching is a contextualized, complex experience that affects, and is affected by, the cognitive, affective, and social dimensions of the searcher.

  • Reflect on search process in order to refine the search and persist regardless of challenges encountered.
  • Search strategically using keywords or controlled vocabulary and considering and selecting systems to search
  • Identify how the information systems are organized in order to retrieve relevant information. 

Activity: Keyword Strategic Searching

With research groups, use the Strategic Searching Worksheet to identify keywords in order to retrieve relevant information in the library catalogue and databases.

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