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APA Style

Your guide to citing and referencing in APA Style (7th edition)

What is Academic Integrity?

According to The Learning Portal, academic integrity is "upholding the values of your school with respect to the production of your academic work and the completion of quizzes, tests, and exams."

For more information on academic integrity, please check out the resources below.

Video: Plagiarism and You

This video was created by Algonquin College. A video transcript is available.

Contract Cheating

Contract cheating is a “form of academic dishonesty where students get academic work completed on their behalf, which they then submit for academic credit [and/or advantage] as if they had created it themselves” (source:

Examples of contract cheating include:

  • purchasing an assignment from an online site
  • obtaining assistance from someone else that goes beyond mere editing to writing of the assignment or solving of the problem
  • participating in unauthorized discussion group or sharing answers to an assignment
  • posting or purchasing answers to an exam, assignment, problem or any other assessed work
  • paying someone to write a test or exam (Center for Academic Integrity, 2016)

Avoiding Contract Cheating Tip Sheet

Video: Contract Cheating

Video: Imagine a World Where Grades Are For Sale

From Ryerson University.

Academic Integrity Resources

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