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Research in the Health Sciences - Faculty Guide

This guide provides an overview of Library and other resources useful for conducting original research in the health sciences for faculty and staff at Centennial College.

Finding Research Instruments

Finding research instruments can be time consuming. There are several possible places where you might find them. Some instruments may be freely available on the web.  Others may be found in journal articles or dissertations (often as an appendix), which may or may not be available in the Library. Some are only available from the creator(s) of the research instrument. Some tests may only be purchased and/or restricted to qualified persons. As well as finding the instrument to use in your research, you also need to obtain permission in writing from the copyright holder. 

Finding Instruments in databases

For most databases, you can find articles describing and sometimes containing scales,questionnaires ,surveys and other research instruments with the following type of search strategy:

keyword or subject heading (such as coping) in the first search box


test* or measure* or questionnaire* or scale* or survey* or assessment*

Where the  asterisk (*) is a truncation symbol. For example, measure* will search measure, measures, measuring and measurement(s) all at once.

Below are other ways to find research instruments in specific databases:

Open License Statement

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