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Research in the Health Sciences - Faculty Guide

This guide provides an overview of Library and other resources useful for conducting original research in the health sciences for faculty and staff at Centennial College.

About this Guide

This guide was created for  Centennial College members conducting original research in the health sciences.

The content of this guide is based on questions the Library has encountered over the years when helping Centennial's Health Sciences faculty with their research needs.

This guide is by no means a comprehensive list of available resources but an overview of Library and other resources available for health care researchers with some recommended titles and search tools. Content will be added and revised as new material is acquired by the Library.

For general books and ebooks on research in the health sciences, click on the Books tab. A separate Research Design Books tab is also available for books on specific research methodologies.

The Databases tab contains recommended Library databases and other online resources that are useful for a literature review.

The Research Instruments tab provides some insight into finding instruments such as  scales, questionnaires, surveys and other tools. A separate Research Instrument Books tab includes a list  of  some Centennial Library books that contain  selected research instruments in the health sciences.

The Statistics tab lists selected books on statistical methodology.

The Citation and Style Guides tab provides links to the most common medical and health science publication styles as well as a link to the Library's APA style guide.




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