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Getting Started with Library Resources

Your guide to getting started with library resources and research help

Creative Commons

Be sure to check what the permissions for reuse are when using a CC-licensed source. Here are the most commonly used CC licenses. Click here to learn more!

CC BY You may use this source however you like as long as you give credit to the creator.

CC BY-SA (share-alike) You may use the source however you like but you must credit the creator and if you change/adapt the source, you must share it under the same terms.

CC BY-NC (non-commercial) Means this source may not be used for commercial purposes. You must also credit the creator.

CC BY-ND (no derivatives) You may share this source but you cannot modify it and you must credit the creator.

Image Databases

Some courses may ask you to incorporate images into your assignment. Treat these the same way you would a textual source and be sure to cite and reference any images used in your work. Check our APA or MLA Style Guides for information on how to format image citations.

Sourcing Images Online

When using images from the web, make sure the images are free to use and be sure to credit the creator (artist, photographer, etc.). Some of the image repositories listed have the option to search for items that are licensed under Creative Commons. Creative Commons licenses explain how and if you are allowed to reuse the work.

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