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Getting Started with Library Resources

Your guide to getting started with library resources and research help

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Centennial Libraries subscribes to hundreds of different databases, each containing hundreds of thousands of articles. When you search from the main library page, you are searching across all of these databases at once. This is a great place to start, as it gives you lots of options, however, sometimes you may get back too many results. 

If you need to find information on a specific subject or discipline, it may be useful to choose a subject-specific database. A subject-specific database will give you fewer results, but they will all be related to the same subject or discipline. Some databases are even dedicated to specific types of resources, like video or audio content. While the content of the database may differ, you can use the same searching tips across most databases.

Recommended Databases by Subject

These popular databases are mainly interdisciplinary, meaning they contain resources across different disciples.


CLICK HERE for additional databases in the humanities and social sciences.

CLICK HERE for additional community and health studies databases.

CLICK HERE for additional science and engineering databases.

CLICK HERE for additional databases on business and economics.

CLICK HERE for additional communications, media, art, and design databases.

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