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International Education

International Education Week (November 15-19, 2021) is a worldwide celebration of international education and experience.

Edible: A Global History of Food

From the University of Chicago Press: "Edible is a revolutionary new series of books on food and drink which explores the rich history of man’s consumption. Each book provides an outline for one type of food or drink, revealing its history and culture on a global scale. 50 striking illustrations, with approximately 25 in colour, accompany these engaging and accessible texts, and offer intriguing new insights into their subject. Key recipes as well as reference material accompany each title."

Eat! Manger! Mangiare! 吃 ! Äta! بخور ! Есть! Gidaan!: Cookbooks From Around the World

Looking for more? Click here to explore hundreds of cookbooks in the Centennial Libraries collection!

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