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Holocaust & Genocide Education: Videos

Videos from the library's databases

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When Canada Said No: The Abandoned Jews of the MS St. Louis, B'nai Brith Canada

In May 1939, the oceanliner MS St. Louis departed Hamburg carrying Jewish refugees desperate to flee Nazi Germany, they tried to escape any way they could. But the world did not want them. This is their story.

The Worst Anti-Semitic Riot in Canada, Historica Canada

On August 16, 1933, the Christie Pits Riot was sparked by Nazi-inspired youth flying a swastika flag at a public baseball game to antagonize and provoke Jewish Canadians.

Racism and Racial Antisemitism, Yad Vashem: The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

Dr. David Silberklang and Prof. Anita Shapira discuss the rise of scientific racism in the 19th century and the development of racial antisemitism.

How to Change Systemic Racism in Canada, Cindy Blackstock for TVO

What does racism look like in Canada? In this web series called "First Things First," Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada, tells us the story of Jordan River Anderson and why she continues to fight the Canadian government to gain rights for Indigenous children.

The Riot at Christie Pits, Breakthrough Entertainment

Based on an award-winning book, The Riot of Christie Pits is a historical story as gripping and urgent as the nightly news. It sheds light on the dark past of a city that remains a beacon of hope to immigrants from around the world.

Our Canada: Are We Racist?, CBC News: The National

The National's new series that asks our country some hard-hitting questions. In this piece, Duncan McCue asks Canadians - Are we racist?

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