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FST221 Food Science Project

Welcome to Centennial College's FST 221 research guide. This guide will introduce you to the processes and resources needed to successfully complete your papers and assignments.

Evaluating Websites

Finding quality information on the open web can be a CRAAP shoot. Use the table below to evaluate your website and feel confident that you are using reliable information.


  Is it a recent publication?

Relevance   Is it directly on topic?
Authority   Do you trust the author or the organization that is presenting the information?
Accuracy   Is this quality information? Can you verify it in another source? Is there a citation list?
Purpose     Does the author/organization have an agenda?


Activity: Is this a website you can use for research?

If it's not on the Internet, it must be true!


Break up into 5 groups. Each group to evaluate a website using criteria discussed.

C - Currency

R - Relevancy

A - Authority

A - Accuracy

P - Purpose

Is the website a reliable source, why or why not?

CRAAP Test to Evaluating Sources

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