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Construction Management Research Guide

Welcome to Centennial College's Construction Management research guide. This guide will introduce you to the resources needed to successfully complete your papers and assignments.

Evaluating Websites

Be critical of the contents and the source of any results you obtain from the Web.

Anyone can publish a web page. Some things to look for include:

Accuracy Is there information for an author or insititution?


What are the author's credentials? Is the author qualified to write this document?
Objectivity Are there opinions expressed by the author? Any advertisements?
Currency When was this produced? When was it last updated? 
Coverage Any broken links? Is the information cited properly?

CRAAP Test to Evaluating Sources

Tips for Internet Searching


Photo by Leon Seibert licensed by Unsplash

We have Tips for powerful internet searching that will help you:

  • determine effective search terms
  • what to avoid and what to use
  • understand the difference between the visible and invisible Internet. 
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